Saturday, December 20, 2008

The mighty Liger, a league of his own!

The biggest cat in the world is neither a Tiger nor a Lion, as you probably might have guessed, but a socalled Liger. Half Lion and half Tiger this enormous supercat is the result of breeding a female Tiger with a male Lion. Unlike other hybrids like mules for example, Ligers can reproduce. According to the studies of Dr. Bhagavan Antle they have the social character of their Lion Daddies and the sensitivity and gentleness of their Tiger Moms, which,- if wasn't for their gigantic size, would make them even a perfect pet. Ligers grow up to an incredible  size of their parents combined, weighing around 500 Kg! So far, Ligers are only bred and held in captivity. It's assumed that their huge body mass and size would inhibit their agility and therefor also their hunting capabilities in the wild. After all, a fully grown Liger needs double the daily ration of meat a tiger or a lion would.


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